Chase the Roar

I have had the privilege to write for the Encourage Squad for some time now and have so enjoyed my time speaking words of encouragement into the lives of wives and moms. What a beautiful, but also difficult path it is to walk in this world as a God honoring wife. I’ve recently written a book that is launching, today, November 14th and I’d like to share some parts of my life during the early stages of our marriage and the ways we lived on faith. Chapter 2 of my book “Chase the Roar: Becoming Faith Chasers in an American Dream Culture” (now available on Amazon) opens up with this quote by Sheila Wray Gregoire:

“I hope that when people look at my marriage, they don’t think, “She has a great marriage because she chose the right guy,” or, “He has a great marriage because he chose the right woman.” I hope they realize, “They have a great marriage because they both chose God.”

Beautiful words of truth that I can only hope and pray are reflected in my own life, and, most importantly, in my marriage. In this chapter within my book, I then go on to share:

“Just two short years after God redirected my career path, I stood at the altar, beaming at my 21- year-old college sweetheart. I basked in complete joy and was entirely unaware of what the Lord would ask of us in the following days.

As we were pronounced husband and wife, I took my first step of faith as wife to a man who had even more deep, trusting, gut-wrenching faith in the God he had called Savior for fifteen years.

At the time, the idea of living anywhere other than the southeastern United States was foreign. The call from God to plant a church was just beginning to take root in my heart and my husband’s heart separately. In my mind, it was a more romantic idea, rather than the “live by faith no matter what” way it was capturing the heart of my new husband.

In the early years of our marriage, we were so very poor. We were both finishing our college degrees while working as much as possible. We earned a total of $10,000 during our first year of marriage. People often talk about living on love, but we were 100% living on faith alone. Even during this financially challenging time, we remained faithful in our tithe back to God. There were days we would have a bill due and have less than $20 in our bank account. I would check the mailbox only to discover an anonymous check for the exact amount we needed to pay that specific bill. God is faithful.”

He is truly always faithful. He’s a giver of life. And I can truly say that faith in Him alone is what got us through the years of financial struggles and continues to get us through the struggles that constantly come. We all go through the valleys in between the mountaintops within our marriages. When these dark valleys come, what are some specific ways that we are clinging to God first rather than pressuring each other? My prayer for you today is that God would be your focus, not only in your times of joy within your marriages, but in the deepest lows as well! Take care dear one!


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