Let’s Talk About Sex (In Marriage)

This video comes from the Spring season of Words for Wives. After Jamie Herzog spoke about sex in marriage, we knew we had to devote at least one more event to the subject of sex. There are so many complexities when it comes to marriages, let alone our individual sex lives! Our goal with at this event was to have some wise women, in different seasons of marriage, share about their personal journeys. There is NO way to cover the entirety of sex in marriage, but, between Jamie Herzog’s talk the month prior, and this discussion from our women’s panel, I think there is some good ground covered!

I hope you take a listen and that it will be a blessing to you. Always take what people say and line it up with scripture for yourself. If you have a complicated marriage, it is always best to find a good Christian counselor, as sex is spiritual as well as a physical act! Seek God on this subject and good counsel!



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