Words For Wives: Jamie Herzog Talks Sex in Marriage

Hello! Last week at Words for Wives, my friend Jamie Herzog shared about a very intimate subject…sex! It was so fun to listen to her share and  even a little exciting, to have a Godly woman share on the subject in a confident way!

In this video Jamie shares about sex and intimacy within marriage. She talks about everything from the things that hold us back, the church’s view of sex, intimacy, and sexuality, as well as how the world views sex.

This served as a great reminder to me in my own marriage and I loved a lot of Jamie’s points! We ran out of time to take questions from the audience, but we plan on getting together to do another video to answer questions that came up from this talk. So if you watch this and have any, please feel free to comment below or email them to moc.liamg@dauqsegaruocne so we can answer them in our video! Thanks for your support and I hope over time, my squad feels like you have women in your corner, cheering you on!


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