Words for Wives: Michelle Quigley

This past Thursday at Words for Wives, Michelle Quigley did what she always does best…she got real. One reason I am drawn to and love Michelle, is that she is always real! Whether on a stage in front of 142 women or one on one in her home, Michelle is always the same. She always shares from her heart, she always processes her journey with God in a raw way, and she always shares without fear of what I or other people might think.

I wasn’t the only one on Thursday relating to and getting teary eyed as Michelle shared about the hard season she has been going through. In fact, several women commented after on how they too have been in a hard season, how they too have felt a little angry, and how they too have been saying: “seriously God?”

I know you will enjoy listening to Michelle and getting to know her more through her talk. I hope over time my friends, my squad, really do become a source of encouragement to you. Michelle really is a such a gem, and although she is human and I know she isn’t perfect…sometimes I think Michelle is just the perfect combination of what a woman and friend should be. REAL. I hope her story and testimony of what she has been going through, encourages you right where you are today.  Thanks for being a part of our squad!


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